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joki tattoo

Alex - Joki Tattoo

Tattoo Artist

Alex, our senior tattoo artist, has been tattooing for over 10 years and has been with us for 3 so you are in safe hands of our technical genius! Follow his instagram for all his art and creations! 
Likes: Lazy moments, 3D printers, and his pet snail Pifon 
Dislikes: Hot weather, 3D printers not working, Spicy food 
Favourite Smell: Tutti Frutti 

Al - St.George Tattoo

Piercer & Junior Artist

Junior Artist and professional piercer, Al has major experience in piercing, and is now teaching others his wisdom!
Likes: Russian Dumplings, Horror, and video games!
Dislikes: Wasps, Tomato Pasta, mornings
Favourite Number: 6